“We have been cultivated our fields with our hearts since 1866.

Tino Piaiardini

Our certified organic products
come from the hills of Urbino

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True organic farming is as it once was. The only ingredients are soil, sun and water. “


“Only the wheat I produce is made into pasta.

Spelled and durum wheat they are grown on my hills. The method is strictly organic.

My pasta is made just from wheat cultivated on my fields, following slow and natural rhythms, in order to preserve all its flavor and its nutritional properties”

Tino Paiardini

“Genuine products come from healthy fields”


Certified organic

At the heart of our products there is the passion and respect for the territory, where fruit, vegetables and cereals grow luxuriantly and become natural organic products It is the quality of our work that has brought my company to obtain CCPB certification, an inspection and certification body for agri-food products obtained in organic and ecological production present in more than 30 countries around the world.

“He that plants trees loves others besides himself.”

Thomas Fuller

A gourmet gift with authentic taste


Gift boxes

Our simple and elegant gift boxes are perfect to enjoy and share all the flavors and authenticity of Italy and organic farming.

Create your own gift box, add the products. We will do the rest.

The owner Tino Paiardini tells us passionately about his love for his land


Come and discover our products!

Inglese sale of organic products


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Inglese sale of organic products


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From breakfast to dinner, Azienda Agricola Paiardini will be with you in every moment of your day.

Our raw materials are cultivated with care, passion and attention. We pick them on their full maturation and process them in the shortest time in order to preserve all their freshness.

Come and discover our products!

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